For Merchants

Enticing customers with Ferret Card Specials

Ferret Card Specials allows you to target specials to your existing customers, or to a specific demographic. Additionally, we've designed Ferret Card Specials to favour the small business.

Tip: New Ferret Card merchants get $50 of free advertising credit per month, for the first three months upon joining Ferret Card. That way you can try out Ferret Card Specials yourself at no cost!

How Does It Work

Everybody loves a special! At Ferret Card, we understand the importance of targeting those specials to the RIGHT AUDIENCE.

For example:

  • maybe you want to target only your regular customers with a special

  • maybe you want to target old customers who haven't been back for a while

  • maybe you want to target exclusively to potential customers, who fit your target market and have never been to your shop

  • maybe you want to target to friends of existing customers, who have already heard good things about your business but need that extra nudge to walk in the door

Ferret Card charges a small amount based on clicks by actual customers (called a Cost Per Click model). The amount you pay is up to you, with specials being displayed to users based on a bidding system. If you're familiar with how Google or Facebook prices it's advertising, it's a similar approach. However, on Ferret Card, we've STACKED THE DECK to benefit the local business.

Out of every 3 specials being displayed to Ferret Card users (via website, mobile app or e-mail), we allocate the views as follows:

  • one special reserved for local businesses (not chain stores) that the customer has visited

  • one special reserved for any businesses (including chain stores) that the customer has visited

  • one special open to anyone

That means that as a small business owner, your advertising money is not competing with the big chain stores. Ferret Card makes highly targeted advertising campaigns affordable for everyone!

Example: You want to run a special targeting 100 customers who you haven't seen in over a month. Your budget for this is $0.10 per customer, or $10. Let's say your special is seen by all 100 existing customers, and 40 decide to check out your special. Your cost is now only 40 x $0.10, or $4. It only cost you $4 to grab the attention of 40 former customers, who now have a great incentive to come back to your store!

You could not have run a similar advertising campaign on Google or Facebook, as other services don't know who your customers are. On Ferret Card, you can narrow down your advertising campaigns to the precise audience you want to target. That means big savings for you, as you don't need to spend huge amounts on advertising hoping to hit your target!

Setting Up Your Special:

Step 1: Decide what sort of special you want to offer, and who you want to target with that special.

Step 2: Decide how much you wish to pay for each user who clicks on your special. Remember, if you bid too low, your specials may not be seen!

Step 3: Decide how long you want to run the special, and how much you're willing to spend in total.

Step 4: Release your special into the wild! Ferret Card will track how many potential customers have seen your special, and how many decided to grab the special.

Step 5: Wait for those customers to come to your business to make use of the special! As a merchant, you will be able to see what specials that customer has available to use when they present their Ferret Card to you.