Ferret Card for Merchants
For Merchants

Making customers happy with Ferret Card Rewards

Ferret Card Rewards is our 100% FREE TO RUN loyalty program. We recommend Ferret Card Rewards for any merchant who wishes to reward and retain their loyal customers.

What makes Ferret Card Rewards stand-out above your existing in-store loyalty program:

It's Social: You are rewarding not just your customers, but your customer's friends as well when they visit your store.

Stamps are Tradable: Stamps you issue can be traded for stamps issued by other stores... but YOU retain full control of your own Ferret Card Rewards.


How Does It Work

Each time a Ferret Card member shops at your store, you will be issuing 1 Gold Stamp for every $1 spent. In addition, up to 5 Silver Stamps may also be distributed to the member's friends on Facebook.

Sales of $1 = ferret-badges-14.png + ferret-badges-17.pngferret-badges-17.pngferret-badges-17.pngferret-badges-17.pngferret-badges-17.png

The Gold Stamps go to your existing customer. The Silver Stamps go to that customer's friends via Facebook, who may not be your existing customers. This is how Ferret Card leverages your existing customers to market to potential new customers!

Example: You run a coffee shop. Your customer buys a coffee for $3, and earns 3 Gold Stamps. That customer has connected 5 of his Facebook friends on Ferret Card. They each gain 3 Silver Stamps (for a total of 15 Silver Stamps issued).

Your customer has several choices about how to present their Ferret Card account to you. They have the following options:

  • showing you their physical Ferret Card, which contains a QR code to scan or a card number to enter

  • showing you their virtual Ferret Card, accessed via the Ferret Card app for smart phones. Just like the physical Ferret Card, the app will display a QR code to scan or a card number to enter

  • quoting their e-mail address.

Tip: You can even credit stamps to a customer's physical Ferret Card or e-mail address even if they haven't yet registered their account. Those stamps will be waiting for them when they decide to sign up with that Ferret Card number or e-mail address

As a merchant, you will need an internet connection to check the member's account for any rewards or specials they can redeem immediately, and to credit Gold Stamps to that member on the spot. Ferret Card works best if you have an online smart phone or iPod Touch available at your point of sale. However, any internet connection will work just as well.

Tip: Don’t have an internet connection available at your point of sale? You can still credit your customer’s Ferret Card account with Gold Stamps later when you do have a connection. Just be sure to get your customer’s Ferret Card number or e-mail address!

Tip: If you don’t have an internet connection available at your point of sale, your customers can also redeem their rewards by presenting their smart phone at your point of sale. Ferret Card works best if you have an internet connection available at your point of sale, enabling your business to redeem rewards from customers who don’t have a smart phone.

There is no cash value given to these stamps. The only value is what you decide to give your customers when they redeem your offers.

Tip: A customer redeeming Gold Stamps is either a returning customer, or was given the Gold Stamps by another existing customer.

Tip: A customer redeeming Gold Stamps may not have actually earned that many Gold Stamps from your store. It is possible that the customer TRADED FOR those Gold Stamps in the Stamp Exchange. That means that some of your other customers TRADED AWAY your store's stamps. That's OK, because those customers are still being rewarded for visiting your store.

Getting your redemption levels right is an important part making your Ferret Card a success, giving you happy loyal customers.

If you set your redemption levels too high, your customers may decide that it is not worth redeeming your stamps. They would rather trade your stamps away, to use at other stores!

Example: Let's say you set your offer at 200 Gold Stamps to redeem a free coffee. That means your customers need to spend $200 to get a coffee. You might find this offer is not very popular amongst your customers.

If you set your redemption levels too low, it could be very costly for your business to run.

Example: Now you decide to set your offer at 5 Gold Stamps to redeem a free coffee. Your customers love this, and flock to your store. However, the cost may be too high for your business!


Tip: Don't forget the Silver Stamps that are issued to your customer's Facebook friends! This is a great way to boost your business's visibility to a wider audience, and generates the potential for word-of-mouth marketing amongst your customers and potential customers.

Somewhere in the middle is probably the best approach.

Example: You have finally decided on setting your offers as:

30 Gold Stamps to redeem a free coffee

60 Silver Stamps to redeem a free coffee with any muffin purchase

Every business is different, so we know you'll want to modify your own deals to best suit your particular business goals and margins.

So what are you waiting for? Register your business for Ferret Card for FREE and start rewarding your customers!