For Merchants

Get Ahead of the Competition with a Ferret Card Premium Listing

Ferret Card Premium Listings give your business a boost in visibility when users search for participating Ferret Card stores, either on mobile app or on

For $50 per month, a Premium Listing puts your business in front of more Ferret Card members.

Tip: New Ferret Card merchants get $50 of free advertising credit per month, for the first three months upon joining Ferret Card. That way you can try out a Ferret Card Premium Listing yourself at no cost!

How Does It Work

Ferret Card users have several different ways to look for participating Ferret Card merchants. Users can search either using the Ferret Card mobile app for iPhone and Android, or via

  • Users can search by business category (ie: F&B, Services, etc) near a specific location / address

  • Users can search by tags (ie: "italian", "florist", "salon", etc) near a specific location / address

  • Users can search solely by location, viewing all business within a radius of a specific location

  • Users can also search "Nearby" (mobile app only), to show all businesses which are near them

Whenever a user conducts a search, businesses are displayed in order of proximity to the search location.

With a Premium Listing, merchants can get ahead of the queue and appear at the top of search listings even if they are not the nearest business.

Example: A user searches for shops tagged as "cafe" nearby his location in a big city. There are 20 cafes near his location, what a choice! These 20 cafes are displayed in order of proximity.

Bob's Cafe is 8th closest cafe to the user, and would ordinarily have appeared as 8th in the list. However, because Bob's Cafe has a Premium Listing, it now appears at the TOP of the search result!

Jane's Cafe is 14th closest. However, because Jane's Cafe is the 2nd closest store with a Premium Listing, Jane's Cafe now appears SECOND on the search result.

The actual nearest cafe will appear THIRD on the search results, below the 2 Premium Listings. Premium Listings will never take up more than the top 2 spaces per page of search results.

A Premium Listing has boosted visibility for both cafes, and increased the chance of the user checking them out.