For Merchants

Marketing with Ferret Card


Ferret Card is a customer loyalty program, designed for the small business.

With Ferret Card, you will be able to reward your loyal customers, target specials to a specific target audience, plus also tap into your customer's Facebook network to help spread the word about your business.

Ferret Card is going to help your business in 3 very important ways:

  • REACH OUT to new customers

  • REWARD your existing customers

  • RETAIN your loyal customers

Ferret Card has 4 key products to achieve these goals.

Free Services

Ferret Card Rewards is our 100% FREE TO RUN customer loyalty program. We recommend Ferret Card Rewards for any merchant who wishes to reward and retain their loyal customers.

Ferret Card CRM is our 100% FREE TO RUN Customer Relationship Management package. Learn more about your customers as you reward them, helping you provide better offers and service to your customers.

Premium Services

Ferret Card Specials allows you to target specials to your existing customers, or to a specific demographic. Additionally, we've designed Ferret Card Specials to favour the small business, so you're not competing for attention with the big chain stores.

Ferret Card Premium Listings puts your store ahead of the pack in user search results, either on Ferret Card mobile app or on