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Learn More About Your Customers With Ferret Card CRM

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Ferret Card CRM is our 100% FREE TO RUN Customer Relationship Management system. Learn more about your customers as you reward them, helping you provide better offers and service to your customers.

Tip: Don't be intimidated by the word CRM! It doesn't take any extra effort to take advantage of Ferret Card CRM, and it can provide you with useful insights into your customers.

How Does It Work

Every time a you give out Gold Stamps to your customers using the Ferret Card Rewards program, at the same time Ferret Card CRM is compiling information to help you understand your customers better.

The more of your customers are earning Ferret Card, the better the information that is being collected. Additionally, the more of your customers sign up to Ferret Card via Facebook, the more detailed will be the information collected.

Examples of some of the information that Ferret Card CRM will be able to tell you:

  • total unique customers

  • total repeat customers (search by number of visits within timeframe)

    • E.g. How many of my customers visited twice in the past week, or 6 times in the past month?

  • number of customers who have not returned within a certain time

    • E.g. How many of my customers have not been back in the past month?

  • total transactions (lifetime / range)

  • customer age, customer gender

  • other shops my customers go to

    • E.g. 20% of customers also visited X shop, 15% also went to Y shop, etc. Maybe we can do a cross-promotion with that shop?

  • where my customers are from

  • Gold stamps issued within timeframe

  • Gold stamps traded away within timeframe

  • what did my customers trade their Gold Stamps FOR?

    • E.g. 40% of my customers traded their Gold Stamps for the Gold Stamps from the cafe across the road. Maybe I need to improve my Ferret Card Rewards to retain those customers?

  • total stamps redeemed at shop (both Gold and Silver)

  • total number of redemptions for each different Reward offered

    • E.g. How many times has this Reward been redeemed?

That's a lot of information! However, that's just the first step. The next step will be to decide how to use this information to help improve your business. If you see that your customers are not coming back frequently, maybe you can think about how to get them to come back more often. If you see that most of your customers are repeat customers, maybe you need to look at how to draw in new customers. Every business is different, and every business will have different expectations. A sandwich shop might want a customer to come back at least once per week, but that's not as realistic for a salon. Ferret Card CRM helps provide you the information, to help you make more informed decisions about your business.